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TECHNICAL: General/How To Use
Does the Aquaswitch I require any other device to help it switch banks?
  Yes, the AquaSwitch I requires a Monitor/controller in order to switch banks.
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How do I change the range of my Inline Monitor/controller?
  The range of measurement on the 750 Series II Conductivity/TDS and Resistivity Monitor/Controllers can be changed by installing a new range module. Simply unplug the old range module and plug in the new range module into the circuit board. This is great if you need to repurpose your inline monitor/controller to a different application. Please see the 750 Series II Operations Manual to see the Range Selection guide and to see if any minor modifications are necessary. (See Page 8).
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How do I choose the proper range for my Inline Monitor/Controller?
  You must choose a range that covers the upper 2/3 of your measurement range. If you choose a range that is too broad, then your accuracy will suffer or it will not show a number on the display. For example, if your operating range is 100-150 microsiemens, a range module of 0-200 microsiemens (-115) would be a good choice. A range module of 0-5,000 microsiemens (-123) would not be a good choice for this application.

For help choosing the proper range, please see this video: Product Application Tutorial
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How do I measure DI water with my portable Ultrameter?
  Select the Resistivity parameter on the keypad. Ensure that the pH cap is secure and will not allow contamination from the pH sensor well. Hold the instrument down at a 30˚ angle allowing the sample to flow over the cell cup and down away from the user. Let the sample flow continuously into the conductivity cell. If sample is from a spout, bring unit as close to the spout as possible to avoid aeration and atmospheric contamination. Taking a sample from an open bath or using a beaker or cup will allow the DI water sample to degrade. Testing from a flowing sample is the only way to get accurate reading with a portable meter.
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What is the conversion from conductivity to TDS?
  Correlation between conductivity and TDS is non-linear. No single multiplier can be used to determine the relationship.

If you are looking for conversion charts, you can find them here: Conversion ChartsReturn to Top

What is the model number of my Inline Monitor/Controller?
  The module number is circled on the power transformer and printed on the back of the case. The serial number is also located on the power transformer on the circuit board.
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What is the recommended method to install a Conductivity or Resistivity sensor?
  The optimal method to install the sensor is in the end of a tee with the water flowing directly into the tip of the sensor and flowing up and away at a 90 degree angle. Please see the 750 Series II Operations Manual for complete instructions (See Page 11).

Download a copy of the manual here.
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When does the Myron L Calibration Solution expire?
  The Myron L Company warranty on all standards and buffers is one year from the date it is manufactured (see the label on the bottle). If the standards and buffers become contaminated by the user pouring test samples back into the bottle or inserting the probe into the bottle, the solution will not be accurate and should be discarded. The life of Myron L standards and buffers can exceed 1 year if the bottle is stored tightly capped and is not exposed to direct sunlight or freezing temperatures. If the solution becomes frozen, do not remove the cap - allow the standard or buffer solution to thaw completely and shake the bottle vigorously before opening.
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Why do Myron L Standard Solutions show three different values on the bottle?
  It is a fact that all ions conduct differently. The ion composition of your water sample should be the primary factor when selecting a calibration standard. To ensure your instrument is calibrated accurately, a standard of similar ion composition to the solution being tested should be used. If the predominate ion in a solution to be tested is NaCl (seawater, brackish water, etc.) the correct choice for a calibration standard is NaCl. The three values on the bottle represent an equivalents value of the predominate ion composition of the three most common solutions tested. These equivalents values are correct at 25°C only.

442™ Natural water - This standard solution was developed by the Myron L Company to simulate the properties of natural water (rivers, lakes, wells, etc.). The acronym 442 represents (4) 40% Sodium Bicarbonate, (4) 40% Sodium Sulfate, (2) 20% Sodium Chloride. The 442 standard is the best choice to use when measuring water samples such as city water, rivers, lakes, and wells; aka natural water.

NaCl - This standard solution is made of Sodium Chloride and is to be used to calibrate an instrument that measures solutions such as seawater and brackish water where predominate ions are NaCl (sodium chloride).

KCI Standard - This standard solution is made from Potassium Chloride and is an international standard to calibrate instruments that measure conductivity. The unit of measure for KCl is micromhos/microsiemens or millimhos/millisiemens.

Choose the calibration solution that best matches your application.
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Why does the pH always read approximately 4.0 when testing with my Ultrameter?
  The most common error comes from not removing the rubber pH cap. Rinse the pH sensor well and pour the sample to be measured into both cell cups.
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