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Affiliate Program - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Affiliate FAQ

It's easy! Register or login by clicking "Your Account" in the top right. Then click "Become An Affiliate" in the right side of the footer. Fill in the necessary information and your account will be setup!

You will be paid a referral commission of 5% on all meters and other products that are purchased by users during a visit to immediately following navigation to the designated URL through an affiliate link from you under this Affiliate Marketing Program. 

Before commissions are paid your account balance must be at least $25. Payments are sent out quarterly. For fraud prevention we hold the funds for 90 days before releasing it to you. The payment will be sent using PayPal or check.

We use the Internet's most trusted 3rd party payment provider, PayPal®, to credit your commissions. PayPal's® advanced payment systems ensure that you can have funds transferred to most banks very rapidly. If you don't have a PayPal® account, sign up for one today - it's FREE! Millions of people around the world entrust payment services to PayPal®.

You will receive commissions for any sales generated from your affiliate marketing efforts.

Becoming an affiliate with Myron L Meters is completely free, and it only takes a few minutes to get started. Click here to apply

There is no limit. You can earn as much commission as you can generate. It all depends on how many customers you refer.

Sales are tracked using cookies that expire after 15 days. If a visitor that you refer to doesn't purchase right away, they have up to 15 days to return and order. You will still be credited with the sales commission for sales made within the 15 days time frame of the customer's initial visit through your affiliate link! Our cookies do not collect personal data from the customers.

Affiliates can login through the "Your Account" link in the top right of the website.

No. If you are active in online communities and have other relationships with online vendors, you can still market and promote to earn commissions.

While it is not a condition of joining our affiliate program, it is the best way of earning commissions. You likely have a related business that can help direct users to our easy-to-use online store. 

Sales activity such as the number of clickthroughs, conversions and the account status can be tracked through the affiliate program summary and the in-depth stats area of your account. Login here.

We offer a broad range of banners and text links for you to use throughout your site. If you would like a custom branded banner, please contact us directly.

Please feel free to go to the 'Ask An Expert' section of our site and submit a sales ticket for assistance.

Affiliate Program Main Page

Affiliate Program Agreement

To join the Myron L Meters Affiliate program, register or login to the client area, and click "Become An Affiliate" in the right side of the footer.


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