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TECHNICAL: Calibration
Can I calibrate my Myron L Resistivity In-Line Monitor/controller using a standard?
  No, using liquid standards to calibrate values between 18 µS (55,555 Ω) and 0.05 µS (18 megohm) are not practical due to carbon dioxide contamination from the atmosphere. A solution of 18 megohm will degrade to approximately 1 megohm if allowed to stand in open air.

A resistivity monitor/controller can have its electronics calibrated using a cell substitute. This is a module that is comprised of accurate fixed resistors that are installed in place of the actual resistivity electrode. Once the cell sub is installed, the electronics can be calibrated very accurately.

Need to know how to calibrate? Watch this quick video: Inline Resistivity Monitor/controller Calibration
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Can I calibrate my Portable Resistivity meter with a calibration solution?
  No, unlike the in line resistivity monitor/controller, the Myron L Ultrameter handheld instrument combines the unique ability to measure conductivity and resistivity ranges into one microprocessor based instrument. Since resistivity is the reciprocal of conductivity, the instrument only requires the calibration of a conductivity range using a Myron L calibration solution. Once a calibration solution is used to properly calibrate a conductivity range, this will automatically ensure accurate measurements throughout the resistivity ranges.
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Can I use my calibration module to calibrate the Inline Resistivity Monitor/controller?
  Yes, the calibration module can be used to calibrate the Inline Monitor/controller. There are two different series of monitor/controllers, so you need to use the cell substitute that corresponds with your series of monitor/controller. *The Calibration Module is only used with the Inline Resistivity Monitor/controllers.

Need to know how to calibrate? Watch this quick video: Inline Resistivity Monitor/controller Calibration
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