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TECHNICAL: Troubleshooting
I changed the battery in my portable meter and now it doesn't even turn on, what happened?
  The more times you open the case, it increases the chances of contamination or moisture inside on the circuit board. The only time to change the battery is when the “LOBATT” symbol displays. It is a good idea to change the sensor when the meter simply won’t turn on, or when the case is already open to change the pH sensor. When moisture/debris get inside, it can cause a malfunction. Use caution when changing the battery.

For a quick and easy guide to changing the battery in your meter, watch this video: How to Change the Battery in your Meter
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My device connected to the Inline Monitor/controller dry contact relay does not work and has no power. What do I do?
  The Inline Monitor/controller dry contact relay does not draw power from the circuit board. You must supply the power to the relay to power your device. If you are using a 24V valve, then you will need to supply 24V to the relay.

If you need a voltage regulator to bring your volts from 115V to 24V, you can order the voltage regulator here.
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The display on my Ultrameter II reads "Error 1", what does that mean?
  This is possibly caused by contamination to the circuit board. One or more of the traces on the PCB have been bridged and there is contamination. Possible moisture, condensation, dirt, dried salts or other condensation inside is a potential cause for this display. The meter will need to be sent in for repair to fix this problem. To learn how to send your meter in for repair, click here.
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The Inline Monitor/controller shows a 1, then a space, then a decimal point on the display. What does this mean?
  This is an over-range condition that indicates the solution being tested is above the range of the meter. You will need to check your calibration to make sure your readings are accurate. Follow this brief review of Electronic Calibration in order to check calibration.
  1. Hook up a volt-meter to the R(+) and R(-) connections located at the top left of the circuit board (On the same terminal block as the sensor wires).
  2. Switch the volt-meter to DC volts
  3. Press and hold the Full Scale test button on the circuit board (small, black button located to the right of the R(+) and R(-) connections).
  4. Read the DC voltage on the volt-meter while pressing the button.
The reading on the volt-meter should be between 9.95-10.00 VDC. If it is out of spec, adjust the CAL screw on the circuit board until the volt-meter reads 9.95-10.00 VDC. The display on the Inline Monitor/Controller should now read the full range of measurement (e.g. a range of 0-2000 ppm will display 1999 ppm when pressing the Full Scale test button).
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Why is the displayed number on the Inline Monitor/Controller half the reading than it should be?
  This is most likely caused when the voltage switch on the circuit board is set to 230VAC when it should be switched to 115 VAC. Using the meter with 115V power supply and selecting 230V on the voltage switch will cause the displayed readings to be reduced by 50%.
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