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Ultrameter FAQ

(Model #: 4PII, 6PII, 6PIIFCe, 9PIII, etc)

Care & Maintenance
Ultrapen FAQ

(Model #: PT1, PT2, PT3, PT4, BTPT1, etc)

Care & Maintenance
DS & pDS Meter FAQ

(Model #: 512M5, 512T5, 532M1, etc)

Care & Maintenance
Inline Monitor / Controller FAQ

(Model #: 723II, 728II, 753II, 758II, etc)

Care & Maintenance
Calibration & Cleaning Solutions FAQ

(Model #: SSQ, pH 7 Buffer, etc)

NIST Certificates
Solutions Guide
TECHNICAL: General/How To Use
Does the Aquaswitch I require any other device to help it switch banks?
How do I change the range of my Inline Monitor/controller?
How do I choose the proper range for my Inline Monitor/Controller?
How do I measure DI water with my portable Ultrameter?
What is the conversion from conductivity to TDS?
What is the model number of my Inline Monitor/Controller?
What is the recommended method to install a Conductivity or Resistivity sensor?
When does the Myron L Calibration Solution expire?
Why do Myron L Standard Solutions show three different values on the bottle?
Why does the pH always read approximately 4.0 when testing with my Ultrameter?
TECHNICAL: Troubleshooting
I changed the battery in my portable meter and now it doesn't even turn on, what happened?
My device connected to the Inline Monitor/controller dry contact relay does not work and has no power. What do I do?
The display on my Ultrameter II reads "Error 1", what does that mean?
The Inline Monitor/controller shows a 1, then a space, then a decimal point on the display. What does this mean?
Why is the displayed number on the Inline Monitor/Controller half the reading than it should be?
TECHNICAL: Calibration
Can I calibrate my Myron L Resistivity In-Line Monitor/controller using a standard?
Can I calibrate my Portable Resistivity meter with a calibration solution?
Can I use my calibration module to calibrate the Inline Resistivity Monitor/controller?
TECHNICAL: Maintenance
How do I clean the conductivity cell cup on the portable meters?
How do I replace the pH sensor in my portable meter?
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What are my payment choices?
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What is the return policy?
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