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Great Results, Expert, Good Value
"Myron L products are the best and most reliable for the water industry."
Rathnakar Prabhu Sales Manager at Aquachemie

Easy to use and a durable product line
I have used a Myron L conductance meter used to test water resistance to check for water soluble flux. The meter is well over ten years old and is still working as well today as the day we bought it. Easy to use and a durable product line. I highly recommend Myron L meters to anyone needing water testing equipment. "Ultrameter II and its ability to hold a calibration."
Katherine Alfredo, Environmental Groundwater ResearchAll Water Treatment Plants

Treatment systems should use Myron L
“I have been aware of your product line for over 15 years. It seems to me that all public water treatment plants, especially membrane treatment systems should have your instruments on hand. The private sector water treatment systems all also would benefit greatly from your (Myron L) instruments.”
Jim Passanisi, Water Resources Consultant

Very Easy To Use and Calibrate
"We have used Myron L meters since the start up of our 30 MGD membrane in 1999 and used it during all of our membrane pilot studies. What we like most about the 6P/9P portable meter is that they are very easy to use and calibrate; while still being rugged enough for our daily use. We also use them for testing our membrane cleaning solution that is anywhere from a 2pH to a 12pH and conductivities that range from 0 to 15,000 uS. I would recommend these meters to anyone in the municipal Water Treatment Industry."
Thomas Dineen DEP "A" Water LicenseRelevant,

Helpful Products
“Myron L is a well known and earned name in the industrial water treatment field. Their EP-10 conductivity meter is the work horse of rugged, quick conductivity meters that many in the industry cut their teeth on and many still use. Myron L has advanced and grown since then with an array of relevant, helpful products. ”
James McDonald , PE, CWT Technical Resource Engineer at Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies

A Great Piece of Equipment
"Me & all my team use the ULTRAMETER II almost daily. It’s a great piece of equipment for Quick Accurate Readings. This handheld device is very easy to use & calibrate. Many times I use the hand held device as standard reference for my online meters, another attractive part is the durability of the equipment - it will last for quite good period of time. Myron L products are undoubtedly reliable."
Manjit Mohanan Project Engineer

Highly Efficient
"[As] the only RO membrane manufacturer in the Middle East, we depended for more than 17 years on Myron L meters for measurement of membrane performance. They always were highly efficient."
Dr. Gamal K., Saudi Arabia Satheesh Kumar Environmental Services

Value for Money, User Friendly and Handy
"I have used handheld device of MYRON L Company - the Ultrameter III, for monitoring industrial wastewater as part of regulatory surveillance and have found it to be very reliable and robust device. It is value for money, user friendly and handy to carry. I have the pleasure to recommend the device for similar regular water / wastewater quality monitoring operations."
Dr. Udayan Banerjee, Environment Health Safety & Policy Specialist

My Most Trusted Brand
Myron L is my most trusted brand for handheld instrumentation, high quality and easy to use at a great price. Over seven years in the chemical feed industry has shown me how important reliability is. These instruments are some of most reliable out there.
Daine Olinger, Sales

Accurate & Responsive!
I have used MyronLMeters products for many years and found to be accurate, responsive and outstanding product support."
Ken Cheverko, Vice President Dependable, Rugged, Reliable and Accurate

"I have been using Myron L Meters exclusively for over 20 years. They are dependable, rugged, reliable and accurate. The support team is very knowledgeable and most importantly quick to respond. I recommend Myron L and will continue to do so."
Troy Taylor, Owner

Great Products!!
"Great Products!!"
Artistic Pools of Florida

Heavy Duty
"We used Myron L products in our company and they proved to be heavy duty, especially in the field testing for TDS."
Raja Khreishi, Experienced water treatment and waste water treatment application engineer

The pH unit that works!
Yes this Myron L UltraPen PT2 is worth the money. The PT2 was dead on with the solution. It took a minute or two to get used to the flashing lights but then it was love at second site. A small field pH unit that was accurate and could be counted on. I relish in its simplicity and accuracy. The bottom rubber cap has a sponge inside of it to hold the storage solution; this is smart, although the push and twist is difficult with a flexible rubber cap. This could be better designed with a hard twist cap and a O RING in the inside of the cap. I am so happy to find a unit that performs as it is supposed to, and is dead on with the solutions. The only thing to test next is how well it performs with time. After the ill fated experiences with the other brands being sold on the market you will find the price is much easier to swallow. It works and is accurate, that is all I ask!
Coree Coppinger from Milwaukee, WI, US

Excellent Choice for Field Testers
During my work as a Field Supervisor for water plants in central Iraq region we have used Myron L's 4PII Waterproof Conductivity/TDS meters. These meters were very simple to use and easy to calibrate. They proved to be an excellent choice for our field testers. I really recommend Myron L equipment to everyone in water testing business.
Aleksandar Panic, Water/Waste water professional from Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Terrific Product - Robust and Durable
The Myron L Ultrameter is a terrific product - I have used them for years. The product is robust and durable.
Larry L., Managing Director from San Diego area

Great Product, One of the Best!
I use this Hand Held many times each day. We have at least 3 on site at all times for regulatory purposes. I get accurate readings all the time in many types of water. It calibrates easier than any other handheld i have ever worked with. I keep these locked up in my office each night, because i have found over the years that leaving them in my vehicle during extremely cold conditions, or in direct sun light on hot days damages or shortens the life. I have tried several other handhelds because of a cheaper price, but none lasted more than a few months in these harsh conditions. I use these for Groundwater, Title 27 Ponds, wastewaters, fresh water, concentrated waters, and product waters. I can use this one handheld for all of my monitoring.
Env. Tech, Academic/Professional Researcher from California

PROS: Easy Calibrations, Easy To Use, Exhibits Correct Properties, Quick Accurate Reading.
CONS: NO Extreme hot cold temps
Royce M., Nalco from Tennessee

Working Great - Reliable
The PT1 conductivity/TDS meter I ordered is working great. I'm glad I purchased the meter as it is priced right and the results are reliable. It is very easy to use.
Convenient and reliable... Love this thing!
Jonathan Nalepa, Pool Rangers, Inc. from Miami, FL United States


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